Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) will showcase new high-quality, high-performance webbing designs at the Industrial Fabrics Association Expo (IFAI) 2022 taking place October 12-14, 2022. Meet with BRM experts to discuss the company’s new tapes, webbings and specialty textiles, including high-performance webbings, e-webbings and other narrow fabrics at booth A802.

BRM’s new fabrics utilize custom weave designs and high-performance fibers or combinations of fibers. BRM has created these patterns specific to end-use applications and can customize  innovative patterns for new applications. Come see materials in the following categories:

– E-WEBBINGS® – woven fabrics of traditional fibers in conjunction with “functional” elements: conductivity, light transmission, and sensors.

-Composites – fabrics that contain more than one unique fiber for the purpose of utilizing different and inherent properties of each component fiber.

-Tapes and Webbing with Superior Properties – high strength to weight ratio, chemical resistance, low elongation, and many more.

-Materials on Planet Mars – engineered fibers and fabrics utilized by NASA, ESA, and commercial near and deep space contractors for mission success and to keep our astronauts and pilots safe.


For a  century, IFAI Expo has been the industrial fabrics industry’s flagship show. As the premier textiles event, IFAI Expo is the place where industry stakeholders and leaders connect, learn, and make purchases in order to grow their business.

For more information, connect with experts at BRM booth A802 at IFAI 2022 or visit https://www.ballyribbon.com/.

By Sarah Islam, Bally Ribbon Mills 




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