Lightweight, cost-effective, advanced woven composite 3-D structures for aerospace applications.


To meet the demand for high performance materials in advanced composite structures, Bally Ribbon Mills has developed a multi-dimensional (3-D) continuous weaving method that produces multi-layer textiles which can be fabricated into net-shape structures.

For the design engineer involved in aircraft, satellite and missile applications, our advanced weaving capabilities offer new solutions to weight and cost problems. Another advantage of 3-D weaving technology is the ability to weave complex shapes automatically, therefore eliminating the costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive processes.

3-D advanced composite structures represent yet another innovation introduced by the Advanced Products Group at Bally Ribbon Mills.

3-D Quasi-Isotropic Woven Structures

Innovations like the 3-D Bias Loom have placed Bally Ribbon Mills on the leading edge of weaving technology. This computerized device automatically weaves 3-D quasi-isotropical (0°, 90°, ±45°) near-net-shapes and its performance significantly reduces labor costs.

To keep up with the advancement of military and commercial aircraft, our Advanced Products Group developed quasi-isotropic technology under a research contract with the United States Air Force.

The preforms created in the 3-D Bias Loom mentioned above incorporate bias ply throughout optimally oriented discrete plies. In addition, they:

  • Increase composite parts’ tolerance to structural damage
  • Increase pull-off and interlaminar shear characteristics
  • Decrease the costs of composite parts fabrication


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