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What is Webbing?

Webbing is a strong woven fabric distinguishable by its assorted material compositions, strength differences, and widths. Appearing across a broad range of applications and industries, webbing can be found in […]

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3 Ways Medical Textiles Can Save Lives


These days, medical devices look more like a futuristic movie prop than reality. Made of various metals, plastics and biomedical textiles, improved devices include prosthetics, aortic repair woven tubular and […]

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What Are The Advantages of 3-D Composites Over 2-D?


Discover how 3-D composites create product consistency in the aerospace industry. Composite parts are specially engineered webs made of two or more polymers with different physical and chemical properties. These compositions […]

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Join Us At The IFAI Expo 2015


Receive free admission for the IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo & Advanced Textiles Expo Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CAOctober 6th – 9th, 2015. Come join Bally Ribbon Mills at the IFAI […]

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The Path to Mars Goes Through Bally, PA


“From this day on, the path to Mars goes through Bally, Pennsylvania,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said during a tour and press conference at Bally Ribbon Mills. Mr. Bolden was […]

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