Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) announces it will highlight its creative solutions for product design and development at the Smart Fabrics Summit which will be held March 28-29th, 2022 at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. Samples of advanced textiles suited for a wide range of technical requirements will be on display.

BRM enjoys the challenge of assisting customers in problem resolution and innovation creation regarding material selection in their design and development phases. BRM’s services include development of customized innovations, complete engineering and solutions, sample preparation, and full-scale and specialty manufacturing.

Experts will be on hand to show how BRM can design, develop and manufacture specialized, engineered, woven webbings, tapes, and specialty fabrics for the entire range of industries highlighted at Smart Fabrics Summit. BRM will showcase tapes and webbings that engineers can use to meet their advanced material needs, including conductivity properties for smart textiles, color requirements, flame resistance, durability, flexibility, chemical resistance, controlled elongation, specific strength, and lightness properties.

BRM will also showcase its work with Luna Innovations, an industry leader in optical sensor technology. BRM worked with Luna to embed their sensors into high strength webbing material used in the construction of inflatable habits for the moon and beyond.  The sensors are used to measure stress, strain and long-term creep of the textile materials used as structural components of the shelter habitat.

BRM looks forward to meeting you at Smart Fabrics Summit 2022! https://smartfabricssummit.com

By Sarah Islam, Bally Ribbon Mills

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