Visit booths 817/819 to see new webbing designs for the parachute industry

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) will showcase its high-quality, high-performance webbing designs at the Parachute Industry Symposium ( PIA) taking place February 27 – March 3, 2023 in Reno, Nevada. BRM experts, Joe Melcher, Ted Fetterman, and Jerome Richards, will discuss the company’s new tapes, webbings and specialty textiles, including high-performance webbings, e-webbings and other narrow fabrics for the parachute industry in booth 817 and 819.

As pandemic supply chain issues subside, BRM is seeing signs of production returning to normal in the near future. Stop by the booth to learn about the initiatives that are making a difference. Also, please come to see standard and custom designed tapes and webbings produced for all of the industry groups BRM services:

E-WEBBINGS® – woven fabrics of traditional fibers combined with “functional” elements: conductivity, light transmission, and sensors.

Composites – fabrics that contain more than one unique fiber for the purpose of utilizing different but inherent properties of each component fiber.

Tapes and Webbing with Superior Properties – high strength to weight ratio, ,abrasion resistance, low elongation, and many more critical design characteristics.

Materials on Mars – engineered fibers and fabrics utilized by NASA, ESA, and commercial contractors for mission success in applications for near and deep space applications. .

Known for bringing together the best and brightest minds in parachuting, the PIA Symposium is the most comprehensive trade show and conference there is. With informative seminars and presentations from key speakers, a wealth of industry contacts, and an exhibition hall filled with interactive displays from the top skydiving manufacturers, the PIA Symposium is the event to attend for skydiving enthusiasts and professionals alike.

For more information, connect with BRM experts in booths 817/819 at the 2023 PIA Symposium. Learn more about the PIA Symposium on their website.

By: Sarah Minhas, Bally Ribbon Mills

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