Bally Ribbon Mills 100th Anniversary 2023

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM)is proud to announce a century of textile innovation with its 100 Year Anniversary. Since BRM’s founding in 1923 as a custom textile manufacturer in Bally, PA, the company has provided products for aerospace, defense, medical, safety, automotive, commercial, and industrial applications used around the world.

A small representation of BRM’s accomplishments over the past century include the production of goods for the war effort in World War 2, maintaining a continuous ISO quality program for close to 30 years, and numerous contracts, including with the U.S. Military, Department of Defense and NASA. BRM’s work with NASA includes using composite material in the construction of the heat shield used on NASA’s Orion spacecraft. BRM has been praised by NASA for its ability to answer every specification and challenge.

“As a family business, Bally Ribbon Mills is extremely proud to be a trusted partner by some of the largest, well-known companies and agencies from around the world,” said Mark Harries, Vice President, at Bally Ribbon Mills. “Our success has been based on a long-term vision of growth, built around our high-quality engineered fabrics manufactured in America, our skilled employees, and our reputation as a trusted advisor to customers. We will continue to stay at the forefront of technology for all of the industries we serve, just as we have over the past 100 years.”

BRM continues to expand and innovate at its Bally, PA facility through the addition of new equipment, departments, and employees.

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