The Parachute Industry Association (PIA) has released some new revisions of their narrow fabric specifications. Those relating to products from Bally Ribbon Mills are listed below (note: this is not a comprehensive list of all revision changes). Please feel free to contact your sales representative with any questions or concerns.

  • PIA-W-4088 Rev F has been released. A notable change has to do with webbing class references. The new revision now states that when procurement documents referencing the specification do not specify the class of webbing, the requirements for Class 1A webbing shall apply. When Class 2 webbing is specified, Classes 1 or 1A are acceptable.
  • PIA-T-5038 Rev G has been released. A notable change is the addition of Type VII 3 inch material. This corresponds with our 7282 pattern number.
  • PIA-T-6134 Rev C has been released with updated copyright protections and minor changes.
  • PIA-W-27265 Rev D has been released. Under 6.3 Approved Finishes, Solucote 1013 and Solucote 1017 have changed names to NeoRez 1013 and NeoRez 1017. There is not a change in the chemical formulation. The Solucote brand name was purchased and changed only.

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